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CO2 or Compressed air for Paintballing

Co2 is also known as carbondioxide. It is usually used in inflating a paintball. Compressed air can also be used for this. It is incorporated as pressure into a paintball to propel it foreword. A paintball needs a form of pressured air to be inflated into it for it to move. Paintballing is a sport that is played by shooting an opposing team with a paintball. They are weapons that break on impact

The first set of paintballs made use of liquid CO2 and this was used for many years. CO2, also known as carbondioxide gets converted from liquid state to gas and the pressure is what fires the paintball. The temperature can be unstable due to a variety of reasons but it is usually about 850 per square inch. Two types of containers can be used to store this air, the disposable and refillable containers. The CO2 in the disposable cartridges are usually stored at 12grammes but the refillable ones are usually quantities around 20 grammes.

When it comes to paintballing though, a lot of users prefer the CO2 to compressed air because it is cheaper. It is quite easy to refill, it can be taken to a fire extinguishing shop to be refilled. CO2 usually gives more shots than compressed air and is much lighter in weight.

Some of the disadvantages of CO2 is its instability, the temperature is easily affected. It easily cool during expansion. It cools at the rate of the expansion. The faster a person shoots the ball, the cooler, slower and less effective it gets. It slows down till it totally comes to a stop. The vacuum sucks in all the liquid CO2 which can result in unholy pressure and speed. Another advantage is that liquid CO2 sometimes damages the marker seals.

Due to the disadvantages of the CO2, paintballers started using compressed air also known as nitrate. Originally, Nitrogen was used. They were usually pressurized and then regulated. The major advantage of the use of compressed air is it's consistent pressure, the temperature does not blow hot and cold like the CO2. It might be reduced during use but the difference is ignorable.

The compressed air is sometimes called the high pressure air and have some disadvantages too, they include

  1. They are about 3 times more expensive than the CO2
  2. They cannot be filled just anywhere, you need a local pro shop to get a refill
  3. The shop compressors and tires do not work

Despite the above disadvantages, compressed air has been discovered to be the best as it does not get so affected by weather and it is able to fire at any rate unlike the CO2

Although when making a decision on which to choose it is also important to consider your financial capabilities and what you can afford. You can only purchase them locally as the balls are transported empty. The law instructs that the filling should be done locally except for the 12g cartridge and CO2 cylinder.

So whichever you decide to use is based on personal preference. And although the compressed air paintball is significantly better and more effective than the CO2, CO2 works just fine as well.

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