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    Webcomic Telethon Contact Page - Blank Label Comics Disclaimer

The Red Cross has not formally endorsed this telethon nor does Blank Label Comics (BLC) pretend such an endorsement exists. 

BLC is not collecting donation money to give to the Red Cross through the telethon. We are providing a hyperlink to the Red Cross' own donations Web site, where interested parties may make their donations directly to the Red Cross. 

All of the income generated through the advertising on this page will be donated to the Red Cross. All of the profits from the sales of a book collection of Webcomic Telethon cartoons will be donated to the Red Cross. 

By selecting a donation amount before clicking the link to the Red Cross donations Web site, the participant is not making any financial obligations. The number is being recorded to provide an estimated pledge total, but no information besides the number itself is being collected. You may donate without sharing your intended donation with BLC. Your actual donation is between the Red Cross and you. 

BLC is not privy to any of the information exchanges (credit card numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.) that take place during that exchange. 

Not all links are work-safe. Click at your own risk. A link from the telethon Web site does not constitute an endorsement by BLC or its advertisers. 

We are linking to a number of art auctions in which the artist is reportedly collecting funds to donate to the Red Cross or other charities. BLC claims no knowledge of the validity of these auctions nor does the link constitute an endorsement of these activities. The auctions are taking part away from the telethon Web site and should be considered separate from the telethon itself. Participate at your own risk. 

The opinions expressed in the telethon cartoons are solely the opinions of the cartoonists who express them. They do not necessarily represent the opinions of BLC, the Red Cross, BLC members, or BLC advertisers. 

The works presented on this site are copyrights of their respective owners/creators. Blank Label Comics makes no ownership claims to any content submitted to this site.

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